Writing a short rationales

Measuring the intake and output D. Checking for pitting A client with vaginal cancer is being treated with a radioactive vaginal implant. The nurse should explain that:

Writing a short rationales

Which of the following pediatric clients is at greatest risk for latex allergy?

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The child with a myelomeningocele The child with epispadias The child with coxa plana The child with rheumatic fever The nurse is teaching the mother of a child with cystic fibrosis how to do postural drainage.

The nurse should tell the mother to: Use the heel of her hand during percussion Change the child's position every 20 minutes Do percussion after the child eats and at bedtime Use cupped hands during percussion The nurse calculates the amount of writing a short rationales antibiotic for injection to be given to an infant.

The amount of medication to be administered is 1.

writing a short rationales

Divide the amount into two injections and administer in each vastus lateralis muscle Give the medication in one injection in the dorsogluteal muscle Divide the amount in two injections and give one in the ventrogluteal muscle and one in the vastus lateralis muscle Give the medication in one injection in the ventrogluteal muscle A client with schizophrenia is receiving depot injections of Haldol Deconate haloperidol decanoate.

The client should be told to return for his next injection in: Which discharge instruction should be given to the parents? Keep the bed flat, with a small pillow beneath the cast Provide crayons and a coloring book for play activity Increase her intake of high-calorie foods for healing Tuck a disposable diaper beneath the cast at the perineal opening The nurse is caring for a client following the reimplantation of the thumb and index finger.

Which finding should be reported to the physician immediately? Cherry-red urine that gradually becomes clearer Orange-tinged urine containing particles of calculi Dark red urine that becomes cloudy in appearance Dark, smoky-colored urine with high specific gravity The physician has prescribed Cognex tacrine for a client with dementia.

writing a short rationales

The nurse should monitor the client for adverse reactions, which include: Hypoglycemia Urinary retention Tinnitus The physician has ordered a low-potassium diet for a child with acute glomerulonephritis. Which snack is suitable for the child with potassium restrictions?

Raisins Apricots Bananas The physician has ordered a blood test for H. The nurse should prepare the client by: Withholding intake after midnight Telling the client that no special preparation is needed Explaining that a small dose of radioactive isotope will be used Giving an oral suspension of glucose 1 hour before the test The nurse is preparing to give an oral potassium supplement.

Give the medication without diluting it Give the medication with 4oz. Which statement is true regarding collection of cultures for cytomegalovirus? Stool cultures are preferred for definitive diagnosis. Pregnant caregivers may obtain cultures.

Collection of one specimen is sufficient. Accurate diagnosis depends on fresh specimens.

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A pediatric client with burns to the hands and arms has dressing changes with Sulfamylon mafenide acetate cream. The nurse is aware that the medication: Will cause dark staining of the surrounding skin Produces a cooling sensation when applied Can alter the function of the thyroid Produces a burning sensation when applied The physician has ordered Dilantin phenytoin for a client with generalized seizures.

When planning the client's care, the nurse should: Maintain strict intake and output Check the pulse before giving the medication Administer the medication 30 minutes before meals Provide oral hygiene and gum care every shift A client receiving chemotherapy for breast cancer has an order for Zofran ondansetron 8mg PO to be given 30 minutes before induction of the chemotherapy.

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