The discovery of america

What Is American Discovery? American Discovery is an international home-stay organization that has many fun and exciting programs for families in Oregon, Washington, California, and Colorado. Our programs provide a way for students from different countries to connect with American families. It is a perfect way to share your culture, hobbies, and your hometown — whether you are in the US, France, or Spain!

The discovery of america

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The fact that Christopher Columbus who was not originally Spanish appealed to a foreign court to offer his services proved that the discovery of America was not incidental.

This meant Spain now controlled the Canary Islands. The Canary Islands were an excellent bridgehead for alternate routes.

This is what Christopher Columbus offered and he offered it to a State that needed them, prepared for this type of venture. Unified Spain possessed in a powerful military, a good economy, naval and exploration experience in addition to notable scientists, mathematicians, geographers, astronomers and shipbuilders.

Its only rival was its neighbour, Portugal, who managed to put a stop in Spanish expansion to Africa. Therefore Columbus' proposal was well-received. Columbus' offer was rapidly accepted in spite of his acknowledged errors.

But during his journey to Asia he unexpectedly came across the American continent. The Spanish were especially well prepared by history to conquer, occupy, populate and exploit new lands and assimilate new people.


America thus became the new frontier-land for those people used to its ways and with the military, diplomats and administrative arms at their disposal to face the challenge.

By the middle of the 16th century, they had settled in the two most important viceroyalties, Mexico on the Atlantic, and Peru on the Pacific.By “America” I am taking you to mean the continent(s) of North and South America along with the islands and territories that are close to it and often considered part of the same geography.

Further, I am also assuming you to mean “discovery” in the sense of Europeans discovering these areas, and not the ancestors of the people then.

The discovery of america

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The company operates 16 parks in the United States, one in Mexico City and one in Montreal, Canada. Discovery of America The first inhabitants The first inhabitants of North America was people who crossed over The Bering s channel from The Asia to The Alaska.

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