Should parole release abolished why why not

Parole system should be abolished: Guy Hall, who was speaking at a crime forum in his role as a criminology academic at Murdoch University, said prisoners should serve the entire sentence handed down to them.

Should parole release abolished why why not

What is a parole officer? This is just observation, but look at the situation in the state of Michigan as an example of what might happen if paroles are abolished. There are currently 51, approximately in Michigan's 48 soon to be 43 correctional facilities.

Michigan has one of the highest per capita prison populations in the US, and paroles the fewest inmates those who are sentenced to any term with the verbage "life" in the sentencing language will never be paroled per the former chief of the state parole board and Patricia Caruso, the current Director of the MDOC, "Life means life.

MDOC inmate populations in the '80's and '90's was around 20, Bythat number had doubled, and by the population of the MDOC had climbed to it's current range.

Inonly around 50, felony convictions had been handed down in Michigan as determined by prisoner identification numbers--Michigan does not reissue prisoner numbers. By that number had climbed at about ten percent per year to aroundBy the numbers were overAnd, by that number began approachingTo sum that up: The manner in which parolees are determined to warrant parole is similar to lottery winner selection as well.

Effectively, Michigan is essentially a parole free state. Yet, the convicted are still being sent to prison rather than probation alternatives. Part of the motivation for this is the obvious bottom line; prisoners in Michigan equal money.

The MDOC is the largest department of government in the state, hiring nearly 15, people in and after during the state's hiring freeze. The bulk of inmates housed by the state are kept in "pole barns," dormitory style housing units meant for roughly inmates but housing over Think for a minute how veal is raised or milk cows are penned, and then let the concept of pole barns creep back in.

In the Detroit Freepress reported that over births had taken place to women who had been incarcerated in the MDOC for periods of time longer than one year--Michigan does not permit conjugal visits--now do the math. To juxtapose another observation, also inthe Grand Rapids Press reported that twenty law enforcement officers and one city councilman in Kent county had been arrested for crimes with a sexual component.

Of the twenty-one men, two of the State Police officers were transfered and promoted, two Sheriff's deputies were suspended one with, one without payno punitive action was brought against any of the other officers, and the initial charges resulted in only one conviction The charges ranged from soliciting a prostitute, to sexual extortion, to attempted sex with a minor, to trafficing in child pornography.

What can be drawn from this? Michigan does not typically pursue charges against law enforcement officers--Michigan encourages corruption. Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of dollars that inmates generate for the state in the few prison industries that remain in operation one is a panel-home building program that is run from two facilities: Louisas well as prisoner craft and artwork, and prisoner grown produce sales.

What about the uncounted thousands, tens of thousand, hundreds of thousand, or millions in prisoner generated revenue? Well, no one seems to care.

Parole Abolition – Did it Work? - Sarah Scarbrough, Ph.D.

At least, no one has seen fit to search for it yet. Instead, whenever the states beloved Canadian Governor ever mentions anything about Michigan prisons or inmates, she invariably uses the language, "Violent Offenders.

Assault is usually a jailable offense in Michigan, unless a weapon is used actually used not brandished or threatened. That leaves alcohol related cases, nonpayment of child support, multiple drug convictions, internet crimes, and crimes with a sexual component ranging from public urination--no fooling--to rape.

They are a dangerous group.

Should parole release abolished why why not

In fact, the state has only three high security facilities that house fewer than inmates each, and it is shutting one of those down if the federal government decides against sending the Gitmo terrorist to Standish.

The majority of Michigan inmates are stored in the state's level ones and camps, all minimum security, all pole barn type housing, all with work crews that leave the facilities every day.

Should parole release abolished why why not

What would happen if the parole system was shut down? The individual states in the US would probably take a lesson from Michigan and build and " refurbish "--that's a funny concept that hasn't been discussed--more prisons, to house more inmates, to make more money. The "Seven-Block" unit of quarantine at Southern Michigan Correctional Facility has been condemned, closed, given a paint job and a new street address, and reopened with a slightly different name at least three times in the past ten years.

You'll notice no mention of "structural repair" or "reconstruction" in the previously outlined "refurbishing. At least prison officials exterminated the birds and some of the rodents that used to infest the building.

What are the pros and cons of abolishing parole? The cons of abolishing parole are that parole is used for several reasons. It is less expensive to supervise a parolee than to incarcerate a prisoner.Join APPA The leading organization and voice for thousands of pretrial, probation, and parole practitioners across the nation.

Learn More! Our Vision We see a fair, just, and safe society where community partnerships are restoring hope by embracing a . I think I know what you are talking about. There was a decision a few years ago that said a post conviction supervision has to be set by the sentencing court and not just the parole division.

There have been a number of cases going up on appeal that were based on this. If your supervision is based. However, in legislation was passed and then signed by Governor McDonnell requiring the Parole Board list specific reasons why an individual was denied so the individual would know what they should or should not be focusing on.

The only early release program that they have is 54 days per year. This is done to impose "Truth in Sentencing". The belief is that the only way to make sure that repeat offenders are not committing crimes is to place them behind bars.

To abolish parole means, upon their release, there is no monitoring at all and no assistance to help with reintegration into the community 17 March Yes for repeat offenders, undecided for violent because it needs defining.

I was at the Parole Board trying to dissect why I was told the Parole Board must carry out the Good Times Bill that applies to this criminal which our lawmakers passed.

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