Methanol is used as a fuel in race cars. write a balanced equation

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Methanol is used as a fuel in race cars. write a balanced equation

You should also consider what it will cost you to modify and own a bus. For example, many transit buses through the 's are unable to travel at highway speeds. Drivetrain changes for high-speed operation can easily run thousands of dollars, and hill-climbing may be slower as a result of those changes.

Similarly, the normal service and repair costs on diesel engines are much higher than on gasoline engines. For commercial use, those costs are spread over hundreds of thousands of kilometers, but for a bus which is used only occasionally, the costs can be much higher per kilometer traveled.

methanol is used as a fuel in race cars. write a balanced equation

Engine service including oil changes; oil, air and fuel filters; timing and other adjustments. Normal service on a diesel may be more expensive than gasoline, as they often take three times the amount of oil and require more expensive oil; use larger and more expensive oil, air, and fuel filters; use more coolant; and require just as frequent service.

Tires and brakes carry more load and will be more expensive per mile than cars. Note that the costs may vary widely with the age and make of the bus.

It might seem, for example, like old parts should be cheap. And, indeed, there are some parts which have been used on trucks and buses for decades and which are available at junkyards all over. On the other hand, some parts may be difficult to find or easy to find but very expensive.

Although most parts are not so expensive, it may be hard to find or adapt parts for a bus that is 50 years old. Include the possible costs of parts when deliberating the cost of a bus, and shop around for parts suppliers before you leave on a trip, so there is less risk that a breakdown will strand you and your bus for weeks while you are finding parts.

Since a non-operational bus will cost something to make it run, the added costs of moving it may make a cheap or free bus be a very poor bargain indeed. That is all pretty scary. And it should be, because operating a bus can be a very expensive proposition. That said, many people buy and operate buses with modeset expense, and many others ultimately have large unexpected expenses but are prepared to deal with the problem and so have, overall, a good experience and the feeling their money has been well-spent.

The important lesson here is it can be very expensive, so make sure you do your homework to avoid or anticipate expenses, and so that if an overwhelming expense does occur, you can get rid of the bus before you run out of money, rather than after you run out.

A good rule of thumb when looking is: Instead, buy a bus because you are reasonably well-informed about what you want, what is generally available, and because you have thoroughly investigated the bus in question and it you have fair confidence that it can work out, and that if it does not work out you will be merely disappointed rather than broke.

Intended Use The next major consideration is: As a seated coach? As an occasional motorhome? As a full-time motorhome? How you use is a very important part of deciding what to buy. If you want a motorhome, a bus that needs lots of work and then is not really suited to use as a motorhome is no bargain, even if it is free.

Conversely, if you want to restore a vintage bus, there is no point in spending big money to get a ten-year-old bus in good shape. In addition, insurance for a commercial vehichle can be quite high. If you are considering an older bus, check vintage vehicle registration in your area.

Although it may restrict you to say less than 5, kilometers per year, the reduction in registration and insurance fees can be tremendous. Similarly, some areas allow private buses to be licensed as cars.

Any time a bus is licensed for non-commerical use, it must never be used commercially, and, typically, it must also not be used to transport passengers. Whether your goal is motorhome, seated, or something else, you should also consider what level of quality will make you happy.

Some people are happy with frequent breakdowns as long as they are never too costly and as long as the vehicle is safe. Other people are looking for a bus which repsents the best in its class, with no visible or hidden blemishes, no breakdowns, and so on.

You should be honest with yourself about what you want so that you get a bus which you are fundamentally happy to own, or you will be happy with the decision to not get a bus because the combination of model, quality, and price you demand are not currently available.

Another consideration is what will you be happy driving? For example, some folks will want a shorter and narrower bus, while others are willing to drive something larger. The smaller bus will be easier to drive and park and is allowed more places, but a smaller vehicle has less inside space and less storage space.

In addition, specific makes and models of buses are only be available in specific sizes. Storage is an issue, too. Best if you have your own space! Parking while traveling can be similarly constraining.GMO fuel ethanol affect the beef oe water.

I’m confused, that a graph of ethanol used in our gas and the price we pay for fuel sure paints an interesting picture. Dear Twitpic Community - thank you for all the wonderful photos you have taken over the years.

We have now placed Twitpic in an archived state. The balanced equation for the combustion of methanol is: CH3OH (l)+ 3/2O2(g) -> CO2 (g)+ 2H2O(g).. Go science math history literature technology health law .

Methanol (CH3OH)is used as fuel in race cars. (a) write a balanced equation for the combustion of liquid methanol in air. (b) calculate the standard enthalpy change for the reaction, assuming H2O(g) as a product%(1).

[Low-roof, engine-forward] Early buses often used wood in their construction, were built on truck chassis, had low roofs making it necessary to stoop when walking inside, and sometimes had one door per row of passengers. These buses were built typically in the 's and early 's. Question. Methanol (CH 3 OH) is used as a fuel in race cars.

(a) Write a balanced equation for the combustion of liquid methanol in air.

What is the balanced equation for the complete combustion of methanol