It has been said that the

She does not cite a source, so we do not know who originated this quote or who the "we" is. The word "shadow" is mentioned 3 times in Faulkner's story, "A Rose for Emily. They called a special meeting of the Board of

It has been said that the

How, indeed, can one express an idea without the words that are appropriate to this expression of thought? George Orwell once observed that a person is incapable of great thoughts without a great vocabulary.

It has been said that the

For instance, Orwell comments upon Marxist writing, which consists for the most part of words translated from Russian, German, or French in contrast to the composition of a new word using Greek or Latin roots and the application to it of an affix that is more appropriate to meaning.

The result of the composition of words in the Marxist manner, Orwell writes, is "an increase in slovenliness and vagueness.

Indeed, the purpose of Newspeak is not only to provide expression of the appropriate world view and thoughts requisite for the followers of Ingsoc, but this new language replaces others and the modes of thought that they have provided for so long; thus, there is an invention of words as well as a termination of others and of undesirable meanings.

Some words in Newspeak are completely eliminated from the language, replaced by euphemisms that are "ideologically neutral.

So, if a citizen does not really know what something is, he will not be aware of the cruelties and faults of his society. In short, Newspeak is a vehicle of thought-control, since--to re-iterate was has been stated above--without the word to express one's desires and feelings, and without appropriate words to describe the true meanings of ideas and things, how can veritable individual thought and expression occur?

And, is there not, then, also a finiteness placed upon one's knowledge? The success of the Two-Minute Hate Session seems to support this concept of the limitation of thought of the citizenry in Ingsoc. With the "purging" of the nuances of speech, the usage of Newspeak and Doublespeak permits the limiting as well as the controlling of the thoughts of the people.

The grammar of Newspeak is also reduced, first by an interchangeability of parts of speech. Therefore, since words can be so easily reshaped, there is little power or specificity to their meanings, so that whatever thoughts are expressed lose any real impact.

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So often Winston and Julia are at a loss for the expression of their feelings; Julia turns to something her grandfather has told her long ago, and Winston must transfer his untranslatable feelings to images: The paperweight was the room he was in, and the coral was Julia's life and his own, fixed in a sort of eternity at the heart of the crystal.

With the control of language as described inthere truly is a "prison-house of language," as citizens are barred from profound and critical thought and from the redeeming outlet of expression of desire and emotion.

There is a barbarism of the soul that does more to dehumanize the citizen and destroy all sense of individuality than any torture in Room BOB Katter has given a bizarre interview in which he backed his embattled party colleague “ per cent”.

He told reporters Senator Fraser Anning’s speech yesterday, which evoked the.

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It has been said, ‘time heals all wounds.’ I do not agree. The wounds remain. In time, the mind, (protecting its sanity), covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens.

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