Gcse pop art coursework

Next Paper engineering Mechanisms are used to provide movement in models, pop-up books [pop up book: A pop up book is a book with card mechanisms that pop or stick out as the page opens.

Gcse pop art coursework

Methods of training, hockey Term 2: Badminton, football Term 4: Fitness tests and training, goal setting, Astroturf games Term 5: Athletics, cricket Term 6: Sports Day preparation, wide games Year 11 Term 1: Theory work, methods of training Term 2: Personal exercise programmes, individual sports Term 3: Weight training, assessments Term 4: Exam preparation, individual sports Term 5: Baseline assessment to include drawing with pencil, paint, collage and clay.

End of term Christmas clay work. To design a Christmas card to sell to raise money for Gcse pop art coursework fund. Terms 3 and 4: To use more than 1 clay technique to design and make totem poles.

To create pupils own personal coat of arms using the meaning of their names. To develop ideas in art files. Terms 5 and 6: Impressionism, colour - mixing using primary, secondary and complementary colours. Hot colours and cold colours.

Look at patterns in nature and create animal patterns with different materials. Russian Art and Identity. Make a Russian Art poster and research Russian Artists.

To draw from personal object and collect objects from the internet. Photograph themselves and objects personal to themselves and create digital art. To place images and drawings into a drawn figure of themselves to make a life size piece of art work.

To look at famous animal artists and use ideas from their work. To work towards an AQA award. To learn to over print and create layers of pattern and colour.

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To work towards an AQA award Terms 3 and 4: Picasso and his ideas, his use of colour and moods, pupils to choose a colour and make a mood board and use the ideas from it to make a 3D model using recycled objects and use Mod roc to cover sculpture. Also to paint with chosen colour theme.

Russian Art following welsh examining board GCSE assessment criteria and drawing from Russian Artists and make the connection with their own ideas. To develop drawing skills to a higher level. Drawing themselves and personal objects and taking photos of themselves, and put into digital software.

To make a painting either using acrylic or oil paints. Or create photography about themselves or combining drawing and photography. Terms 4,5 and 6: To research Surrealism and to develop further drawing skills using a wide variety of materials and to use hands or eyes and reflections as a theme.

To make either 3D work in clay or digital Art with drawing. Also a separate curriculum of Photography can be chosen by pupils. This is where pupils will learn how to take photos of various different subjects and use either the school grounds or visit the local area to engage and take photos.

To visit Caterham school to use darkroom facilities to make photograms and use black and white photography. Term 1 and 2 Basic skills in photography. To visit various sites to take photos of different themes, including landscapes, portraits and still life.Find this Pin and more on gcse art coursework.

by becca.

Gcse pop art coursework

See more Finding inspiration from traditional pop art techniques to compose a final structure for Marilyn Monroe. This is page allowed me to also look at different aspects within pop art and use combined colours to create a visual large-scale.

Contextual Challenge- Start of the Contextual challenge (coursework project worth 50% of the GCSE) Year 11 Controlled Assessment (60% of GCSE) Pop-up Book Project- Design and make a pop-up book for a child Research- including existing products and pop-up mechanisms.

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This Edexcel GCSE Art Coursework project explores architectural spaces, daily life and routine. GCSE final piece inspired by pop art and made from real crisp packets. A* grade See more. Find this Pin and more on Beautiful IGCSE / GCSE Art by Student Art .

6 Hrs Intro Offer GCSE Art Lessons GCSE Art Lessons 6 hours of introductory one-to-one art lessons for GCSE students. Receive 6 hours for the price of 5 (SAVE 30) when paid in advance. Increase artistic ability as well as develop the needed skills for successful coursework and prepare for a final exam.

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Note: this is a one time introductory offer, further discounts start at blocks of 10 hours. Emily Dixson GCSE ‘Pop Art’ ASSESSMENT Assessment is based on two components: 1 Portfolio 60% 2 Set Task 40% The portfolio is produced in a total of 45 hours supervised time.

My Teaching Sketchbook: GCSE, Natural forms and Pop art units See more.

Gcse pop art coursework

This exceptional IGCSE Art and Design Coursework Project achieved and was awarded Top of the World, October Outstanding sketchbook examples. Find this Pin and more on Student Art GCSE Ideas by Fiona Murdoch.

tinfoil, glue, black shoe polish and a few .

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