For success in a future job

October 18,

For success in a future job

There is so much competition for jobs right now and little job growth in many industries. That is why it For success in a future job important to find a career track that is growing and not contracting. So, what are the best jobs in America? That question can be difficult to answer.

You need to consider the best potential for job growth, pay, stress level, job satisfaction, and other factors. I thought it would be most helpful to look at these jobs by their broader career fields.

As everyone probably knows, nurses are in high demand. Nurse practitioners can perform many of the same functions as doctors such as prescribing medicine and treating illnesses. With an aging population, the demand for healthcare is expected to double over the next decade.

Physician assistants have climbed up to number 2 in the best jobs in America. They conduct physical exams, prescribe medicine, and treat illnesses. What does a physician assistant make?

One career that you may not have heard about is a nurse anesthetist. Certified nurse anesthetists CRNA are in demand and make more money than many family physicians. So what does it take to become a nursing anesthetist? A CRNA must be a registered nurse and have at least one year of full-time nursing experience.

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These innovative engineering professionals are responsible for helping to analyze and store data. The engineering field is not the only IT field experiencing growth. You could find a rewarding career in the financial services industry. As more companies are doing away with pension plans, employees will need help with retirement planning.

Actuaries measure the statistical probability of certain events occurring. All of these finance-related fields typically require an undergraduate business degree. As students return to school, there is an increased need for college professors.

College professors enjoy great flexibility in their work schedules, freeing them to do a variety of other tasks. Do you love working with kids? You could become a school teacher. Teaching at the collegiate level normally requires a graduate degree in a related field.

Technical Jobs Physical Therapist Assistants, Dental Hygienists, Veterinary Technicians Many technical jobs require certifications but do not require that applicants obtain a college degree. Physical therapist assistants are responsible for developing treatment plans, documenting treatments, and modifying specific treatments to the needs of the patient.

Dental hygienists clean teeth, take X-rays, and perform routine oral procedures. Veterinary techs perform medical tests, prepare vaccines and tissue samples, and take blood samples.

For success in a future job

Estimators are important to customers because they help to determine whether a project will make money for a firm or become a money loser. A construction estimator position requires lots of experience and accuracy.

Sales executives are needed to motivate staff and help companies reach their revenue goals. They have to be outstanding at customer relations and place employees in the best position to close deals. Sales may be a high stress, high pressure occupation but it pays very well. Consulting Jobs Management Consultants, Healthcare Consultants Companies are looking for ways to save money on employee costs and one of the best ways to do this is by outsourcing projects.

This is why consultants are expected to be in incredibly high demand. Companies do not have to provide benefits or pay healthcare costs for consultants.

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The consulting industry is expected to see double-digit growth over the next decade. Engineering Jobs Project Engineer, Civil Engineer, Structural Engineer, Environmental Engineer, Biomedical Engineer There is a dearth of math and science majors in universities and the engineering industry is reflecting that.

Companies are having an increasingly difficult time finding quality engineers.Many job candidates preparing for an interview expect to sit down with a human resources person and talk one on one, since that's the traditional model.

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