Essay on my country for kids

India is my country. I am proud of my country.

Essay on my country for kids

My Country My Country: The land of Shiva and Krishna, the dream of the Buddha and Mahatma Gandhi, the nursery of temple and mosques is inside my country.

She is first and foremost in my thoughts.

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I love India, my motherland. India, the biggest democracy and one of the oldest civilsations of the world is the second most populous country into the world, after chain. Indians are courteous people. In the fields of literature and science my country has produced eminent person like Rabindranath Tagore, Premchand, Sara Chandra, C.

Essay on my country for kids

Such great names make me proud of my country. My country is a land of villages and fields laden with corps. Most of the great leaders of our country came from the villages.

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The Gangetic Valley is the most fertile regions of our land. The oceans that wash her coasts on three sides and the mighty Himalayas that stand on the north have given my country natural frontiers from sides.

Again, the lure of the mountains has attracted many adventures to this land of rich culture. Ours is a secular state.

How everyone does it nowadays.

In her lap breathe the happy followers of the various religions of the world. We have a unique culture which has devolved through the centuries. There is much diversity among our people. We speak many languages, worship many gods and yet we have the same spirit, the spirit of India, running through all parts of our country binding us together.

We have great unity in diversity. My country, because of the many beautiful locations, is the craze of tourists. Kashmir has been described as a paradise on earth. My country, the country of mountains, valleys, rivers and lakes is a fit abode for the gods, Ooty, Niligiris and the temples of south India, as Kajuraho, Ajanta, and Ellora caves are the places we can boost of.

Essay on my country for kids

· Five Litte Things for My Country Five Little Things We Can Do for My Country 5 Little Things WE Can Do to Help our Country I believe that in order to help our country be a better place to live in, it has to start in helping ourselves to be better individuals Buddhist revival in the days gone by.

Sri Lanka is famous among the European countries because of its natural beauty. Many beautiful waterfalls such as Dunhinda, Lakshapana and Essay on ‘’My Little Bit of Country’’ ‘’My little Bit of Country’’ is an essay, written by Susan Cheever, about Central Park.

Susan Cheever acts as the narrator, telling parts of her life story, from her childhood days until her present, from her  · India is my motherland.

It is a country of lakes, gardens, springs and hills. She has many rivers which irrigate her vast and fertile lands.

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Its civilization is as old as the history of the My country India is a land of Shiva, Parvati, Krishna, Hanuman, Buddha, Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Vivekananda, Kabir, etc. It is a country where great people took birth and did great works.

I love my country very much and salute Essay on Earth Quake in Pakistan October 8th, , Saturday, a.m. The strongest earth quake struck India-Pakistan border that took the lives of thousands of people and left millions of people injured and news about the earth quake in Pakistan spread all over the world, and some European countries along with the USA and Far East tried their best to help accident rutadeltambor.comrg/search/

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