Drought problems and its solution

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Drought problems and its solution

While Governor Jerry Brown has implemented a series of wide-ranging measures aimed at curbing water usagethere are efforts underway to engineer the state out of its drought. Desalination Large-scale desalination is a process through which ocean water is pumped to a treatment facility where the salt is extracted through a process of reverse osmosis to make the water fit for domestic use.

That plant, located in Carlsbad, will provide enough safe water for approximatelypeople, and will serve as a major test of the feasibility and expense of utility-scale desalination technology when it begins operation in November. The United Arab Emirates, however, began testing a solar-powered desalination system in that would not only be greener, but also cheaper.

And now, California-based start-up WaterFX has developed their own homegrown solar-powered desalination system. Groundwater Drilling All over the planet there are vast pockets of water underground in aquifers — surface water from rain, streams and lakes that has gradually trickled down through all of the dirt, sediments and rocks to form underground reservoirs — and you can drill for these pockets of water the same way as you would drill for oil.

California already gets one third of its water supply from underground aquifers, from precipation that fell in CA more than 10, years ago!

Some businesses just pump as much as they want, with no regulation and the aquifers are becoming depleted. Joshua Haggmarka water resources manager in Santa Barbara recently interviewed by Ryot. Fog Catchers Harvesting water from fog sounds a bit crazy, right?

Well, it turns out that a beetle found in the Namib Desert, the stenocarahas been happily hydrating from fog for eons. Its bumpy shell features a hydrofilic butt, which it raises in the air to create a layer of condensation when fog rolls in—that condensation rolls down onto a hydrophobic portion of the shell and the beetle is able to drink freshly-harvested water in the middle of the desert.

Which brings us to man-made fog catchers. The technology has improved in recent years, and Canadian non-profit FogQuest has been working to provide catchers in dry, foggy areas around the globe.

Atmospheric Water Generation In addition to the Chilean-style systems, there are techniques that have been developed for atmospheric water generation which work in areas where the climate is less conducive to fog.

Many of these systems rely on harvesting water from dew or humidity, but one of the largest players in the field, Aqua Scienceshave a proven ability to harvest rain in almost any climate.

Other, smaller-scale water harvesting systems existranging from this water bottle that fills itselfto this Willie Nelson-backed Water from Air machine.

Rain on Request is one such group. Geoengineering Rain Cloud seeding is a weather modification technology that was developed in the s by a team that included Bernard Vonnegut —brother of Kurt. In the latter case it can help ensure healthy snow pack levels to feed rivers in the spring.

Drought problems and its solution

There are a few problems with the technology: It also may not be all that helpful in the case of extreme drought. The best time to do cloud seeding is when you have normal levels, or higher-than-normal levels, of precipitation. Then you could save the extra water in a reservoir for when you are in a drought.

The Association of California Water Agencies reports that there are well over water recycling facilities currently in operation in the state, and in the past year California has done much to incentivize the process.

In an effort to meet aggressive goals to recycle 2. In the late s, Alaskan governor Wally Hickel proposed the construction of a 1,mile-long, foot diameter pipeline to sell California 1. And some crops consume a lot more water than others.

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Take almonds for example. But these tiny nuts inside the pits of peach-like fruit consume an insane amount of water per almond.The picture above is the HAARP ionosphere heating facility in Alaska.

There are numerous ionosphere heating installations around the globe that are used to manipulate the jet stream into historically unprecedented patterns.

Drought problems and its solution

The western US is under an all out climate engineering assault, California most of all. The Weather Makers can shut the hydrological cycle off from the once “golden state” for as long as they wish. LawnStar Grass Paint, 32 fl. oz. - Makes Grass Green Again - The Non-Toxic Solution for Water Restrictions & Drought - Skyrocket Your Curb Appeal Today!

There is high agreement and much evidence that with current climate change mitigation policies and related sustainable development practices, global GHG emissions will continue to grow over the next few decades.

{}. The IPCC Special Report on Emissions Scenarios (SRES, ) projects an increase of global GHG emissions by 25 to 90% (CO 2-eq) between and (Figure SPM.5), with fossil.

Solution: To tackle the problem of drought in our country, the following solutions are suggested. All our efforts should be made to preserve rain waters in various ways and tap ground water sources to meet unexpected drought situations.

California Is Sitting On The Solution To Its Drought Problem There’s a lot of water around, it just needs to be put to better use. [Top Photo: David Greitzer via Shutterstock ].

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