Abu bakr siddiq radhia allahu anaha

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Abu bakr siddiq radhia allahu anaha

A great reward indeed! Abu Bakr had earned it. All his life he stood by the side of the Prophet. He did not care for his life.

He did not care for his riches.

He did not care for what others said about him. His only ambition was to serve the Prophet more than anyone else.

The cost did not matter. The ambition was fulfilled. And Abu Bakr got his reward in full. The Messenger of Allah was well pleased with him. He gave him the first place among the Companions.

Abu Bakr was to be the first man to fill the place of the Prophet. He was also to lie in eternal rest by the prophet's side. Abu Bakr was two years younger than the Prophet.

His parents named him Abdul Kaaba, which means the servant of the Kaaba. When he became a Muslim, the Prophet changed his pagan name to Abdullah. Howevr, in early youth he had adopted the surname of Abu Bakr. He had come to be known by this name among people.

Even to this day, the world generally knows him as Abu Bakr. Salma was Abu Bakr's mother. She was also known as Umm-ul-Khair.

Abu Bakr belonged to a branch of the Quraish. From early years, Abu Bakr was known for good and upright nature. He was honest and truthful. He came of a noble family. These things won him respect among the people.

His goodness also won him the friendship of young Muhammad Peace be Upon him. The two became fast friends in early boyhood. The friendship was to prove lifelong and history- making. When he grew up, Abu Bakr became a rich merchang.

But he used to be very kind-hearted. When he saw someone in trouble, his heart melted.

Abu bakr siddiq radhia allahu anaha

He did his best to help him. If his money could remove suffering, he did not care home much he had to spend. Once he gave away thirty-five dirhams out of his total fortune of forty thousand. He was so honest in his dealings that people kept their money with him. Above all, Abu Bakr had a sincere heart and a firm will.

Nothing could stop him from doing what he thought was the right thing to do. These great qualities were soon to serve the noblest cause known to the world. Abu Bakr was to become the strongest supporter of the Redeemer of mankind. He was to become the first among the Companions.

He was to make Arabia and thereby the world safe for Islam after the Prophet has passed away. He knew him better than any other man. He knew how honest and upright his friend had always been.ABU BAKR SIDDIQ Radhia Allahu Anaha Essays: Over , ABU BAKR SIDDIQ Radhia Allahu Anaha Essays, ABU BAKR SIDDIQ Radhia Allahu Anaha Term Papers, ABU BAKR SIDDIQ Radhia Allahu Anaha Research Paper, Book Reports.

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Abu Bakr, Radi-Allahu anhu, as-Siddiq was the first of the Muslims and the first khalifah of the Muslims. He was the man who the Prophet, Sall-Allahu alayhi wa sallam, loved most. Continental Army vs. British Redcoats: A profile of two armies Mongolian Armies ABU BAKR SIDDIQ Radhia Allahu Anaha Abu Bakr Abu Bakr Continuing Our Forefathers' Legacy The continuing struggle between men and women the importance of the role played by the educated elite in the process of decolonisation in africa Huge Franciscus Role HImeros.

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Abu Quhafa was the son of 'Amir ibn 'Amr ibn Kaab ibn Saad ibn Taym ibn Murra ibn Kaab ibn Luayy ibn Ghalib ibn Fihr (p) and he lived in Mecca.

Abu bakr siddiq radhia allahu anaha

(p29)He married his cousin Salma bint Sakhar ibn Amr ibn Kaab, who was known as Umm Al-Khayr ("Mother of Goodness"). (p29) They had several sons who did not survive rutadeltambor.com Abu Bakr was born in , (p29) he was therefore known as Atiq Occupation: Father of Abu Bakr.

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